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Family Shabbat Clusters

Family Shabbat Clusters are groups of 3-4 families who get together monthly to celebrate Shabbat together around for meals and/or playdates. This is a great, casual way to get to know more families raising Jewish children in the DC metro area (Please note that we define "Jewish child" however you do!). Families sign up and share information about different ways they would like to celebrate Shabbat. We at the EDCJCC will pair you up with families who have similar interests, geographical location, and/or ages of children. Then, once a month, a small group of families get together to experience Shabbat in the best way for your cluster. We welcome ALL kinds of families, including interfaith families interested in exploring Shabbat in a safe, joyful, family-focused environment.

All participants who register for the Shabbat Clusters program will be placed into clusters of 3-4 families. Clusters will organize themselves to meet once a month from November through January (or beyond, if desired!).

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does it cost?
A: There is a $18 fee for the Shabbat Cluster Matching, including registration and a shabbat bag for your clusters first meet up that includes: Challah, Grape Juice, Wine, Dessert and Shabbat Candles. This does not include the cost of any food that families bring to their own cluster events.

Q: Can I sign up for my friend's family?
A: No, each family must have a separate registration form.

Q: Can I request another family be in our cluster?
A: Yes, there is a section in the registration form to request this; both families must fill this section out in order for us to ensure the placement.

Q: When does registration close?
A: Please sign up by October 20

Q: When will I find out who is in my cluster?
A: Your family will notified by October 29

Q: How do Shabbat Clusters work?
A: Clusters will meet once a month on Friday evenings or during the day on Saturdays, based on the the groups' preferences. Clusters can decide the location and nature of the gathering, but please adhere to best practices around Covid safety.

Q: What happens at Shabbat Clusters?
A:Shabbat cluster gatherings usually include traditional Shabbat rituals like prayers for candles, grape juice, and challah bread. Each cluster can decide what they want to include and how they want to celebrate Shabbat with their group. After that it is up to each group how they want to handle the rest.

Q: What do Shabbat Clusters offer?
A: Opportunities for community and connection.

Suggested Dates: Friday dinner or Saturday morning/afternoon
November 13 or 14
December 10 or 11
January 7 or 8

How to Register:
Please fill out the form and register for this session of Family Shabbat Clusters on the next page. We offer groups for all families and will match you into a group based on where you live, your children's age, and level of observance.

The registration deadline for our first round of sign-ups is October 20 so we have enough time to put together groups before our first gathering. Registration is rolling after this deadline based on availability in groups formed. Email Lindsay at to sign up past the deadline.
Remember, each family must complete their own registration form. If you would like to be placed with a friend, make sure you both request each other on the form. We will do our best to fulfill all requests.

Time: 5:45 PM - 7:00 PM

We're sorry, the deadline for online sales has passed. Contact program staff listed above to purchase by phone.