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EDCJCC Chevruta Matching - find your Spring study partner!


Find your Chevruta match!

Learning in partnership is a Jewish tradition spanning back to the times of the Mishnaic scholars in the 1st century CE. It was highly encouraged that one learn Torah with a chevruta or peer and not only with a teacher. By debating and struggling with text alongside a peer, chevruta pairs are able to come to a totally new understanding of the text that neither person could have achieved on their own.

Fill out our carefully curated online chevruta matching survey to be paired with a partner matched based on your interests and background in studying Torah. You and your learning partner will gain access to Project Zug, an online learning platform from Hadar, and begin a 10-week session of learning Jewish text together based on social justice and Jewish values in text.

All participants in the EDCJCC chevruta program will begin the 10-week sessionwith a kick-off event on Zoom on April 19th, and we will close together on June 21st. You and your chevruta will choose your own weekly meeting time and method though we'll give some guidance and suggestions.

Sign up now to get matched with your perfect partner to begin your learning journey!

$36 (registration closes April 13th)

Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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(ticket purchase required)