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Hot Topics in Jewish Thought: Immigration
EDCJCC Polinger Meeting Room

In this four-week series, we will study and discuss select Jewish ethics and writings as they pertain to the contemporary and complex issues we face as a nation today. Open to individuals of all backgrounds and affiliations.

Taught by Rabbi Hyim Shafner of Kesher Israel: The Georgetown Synagogue.

4-class series: $35 for members, $40 for non-members

1 class: $10 for members, $12 for non-members

Class dates
December 5: Immigration | Click the "Admit One" button on the right to sign up for this class OR for the entire four-class series.

How does Judaism view immigration in light of the seemingly competing values of loving your neighbor and having secure borders?

January 9: Gun Control and the Right to Bear Arms | Click here to register for the January 9 class only.
How do the age old Jewish values of holiness of life and the mitzvah of self-defense, war and peace, and strength and humility relate to the modern issue of the right to bear arms?

February 6: The Opioid Crisis | Click here to register for the February 6 class only.
Do we have the right to do with our bodies what we wish? We will look at Jewish ideas of health, misleading advertising, and medical ethics in light of the current crisis of opioid addiction.

March 12: Reproductive Rights | Click here to register for the March 12 class only.
We will take a close look at what the Talmud says about abortion and fetal status to help answer questions, in a Jewish context, such as when does life begin? Does a fetus have a status in Jewish law and thought?  Should government have jurisdiction over our person?

Looking for more information on this series? Please contact Elie Greenberg, Director of Jewish Life & Learning, at or 202-777-3253.

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
1529 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20036

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