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March with GLOE at the Capital Pride Parade 2018
Dupont Circle to Logan Circle

GLOE at Pride 2018


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PARADE: The Jewish Community Marches Together
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Capital Pride Festival


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Saturday, June 9, 2018
4:00 pm - line-up time 
4:30 pm
- parade steps off 

Advance registration is now open.
We’re still waiting on final details from the Capital Pride organizers, but since the parade will for sure start at 4:30pm, we want our folks grouped together by 4pm.

Sign up now to save your spot in our contingent, and to get the meet-up instructions as soon as they’re released!

The Jewish community marches together at the fabulous 43rd Annual Capital Pride Parade!

Let's represent the love, equality, and inclusion that the Jewish community stands for, to all of DC.

GLOE invites all individuals and Jewish groups to join our contingent of DC's LGBTQ Jews, our friends, families, and allies for this fun event. Last year, we had over 200 marchers from across dozen of Jewish groups, and we can't wait to welcome even more this year. We want to get as many of DC's Jewish groups involved as possible!

It's a festive, happy atmosphere. (Even gay, one might say...) Expect singing, dancing and maybe even a little skipping... Bring your own LGBTQ-Jewish-supportive signs, wear a GLOE t-shirt ("I ♥ Nice Jewish Girls/Boys/Queers"), or just show up and enjoy all the marching fun! 



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Thank you to the Jewish community organizations marching
for a welcoming and inclusive Jewish community!

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Bet Mishpachah  Adas logo.jpg Sixth & I

 Nice Jewish Boys DCNice Jewish Girls logoGayyim

Rockville Open House NCJW 

Gather the Jews  interfaith family dc logo

JUFJ logo Beth El Hebrew Congregation

Hey, Jewish organizations: join us!
Scroll down to see how.

INFO FOR JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS: I heart nice Jewish girls

Does your Jewish organization/congregation/social group/etc want to join us? Fantastic!

We welcome ALL Jewish groups to join us, and to carry your own signs or banners. All we ask - from all our marchers - is that signs are positive, friendly, and respectful... just like our Jewish Community contingent.

Is your group committed to being a welcoming, inclusive place for LGBTQ Jews and want to march with us? Contact GLOE Director, Josef Palermo, for details on registration, and including your group info and logo, and more:

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REGISTRATION: I heart nice Jewish queers
General Registration: FREE

Why do we need you to register? There are strict numbers caps by the parade organizers, and so we need know who is showing up, to respect that and keep everyone safe.

1) What time do I have to be there?
Staging/Line-up map is posted in June by Capital Pride, just days before the Parade.
When you register here, you'll get an email update from us, when we find out our specific line-up spot.

2) What time do I have to be there?
We are required to be lined up at 4:00 pm.

The annual Capital Pride parade steps off at 4:30pm. It will travel through Dupont Circle, New Hampshire, 17th Street, P Street, and 14th Street. (Parade Map)

3) What should I bring/wear?
Sunscreen, comfortable shoes, water, and a positive attitude.
If you've got a GLOE t-shirt, great! If you have other items that "read" Jewish or LGBTQ you'd like to wear, great!

GLOE-tshirt ad.jpg

If you can, please wear a top that is a rainbow color - either our t-shirt or your own! (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.)

I heart nice Jewish boys

4) Can I bring my own Jewish LGBTQ sign?
Yes! We welcome creative, supportive signs (as long as they aren't vulgar or disrespectful).

5) What is the parade route?
The parade goes through Dupont and Logan Circles. (Parade route map)

6) Can I bring a friend? Even if they aren't Jewish/LGBTQ/etc?
Yes! All are welcome! Please send them the link to this page to RSVP:

7) What will we be doing, exactly?
We will be waving and smiling, perhaps a little group singing. (However, with so much music playing all around us, we usually do brief group shouts, all together, of, "Shabbat Shalom!" to the crowd in between songs.)

We'll also be throwing candy, and we take turns carrying the banners and signs. It's just a fun group - you can be loud if you want to be, or simply be a friendly face and wave to the crowd.

8) But I'm a little nervous of crowds...
If you aren't a fan of crowds, it's actually better to be a marcher. You aren't squished onto the sidewalk with thousands of others, you have space around you to move as you march, you're not going to get shoved, and you aren't stuck in one spot. You'll be with our friendly group, and avoiding the large mobs of strangers on the sidewalks!

9) But what about Shabbat?
Yes, the parade is on Shabbat. Because the event always falls on a Saturday afternoon, we encounter Shabbat every year. Regarding Shabbat, we have a number of observant folks who do march with us - they find it to be in line with Shabbat, being in community and exploring issues, among other reasons. We are always a walking contingent - never with a vehicle - so there are no conflicts about riding on Shabbat.

Others won't be marching this year, but will make sure to show up along the parade route to cheer us on as we pass! Basically, we want everyone to be comfortable and have a meaningful Pride experience, and we appreciate your support whether it comes from within the contingent or elsewhere.

Don't ride on Shabbat and distance is an issue? For those who may need a place to stay the night before so they are within walking distance to the parade meet-up location, please let us know ASAP and we can try to help arrange accommodations with GLOE community members who live nearby. (If you ask after Pride Week begins, it may not be possible.)

10) Rain plan? 
The weather looks gorgeous. But if it rains, the Parade is still on!
Announcement will be made on

11) Any other questions (not answered by the Capital Pride website)?
Contact the GLOE office at



GLOE logoWe hope you'll support GLOE's year-round efforts to create inclusive, welcoming, and diverse community for LGBTQ Jews, through programming and offering resources nationally, as the only full-time LGBTQ program at any Jewish Community Center, anywhere.

Over half our budget comes from individual donors like YOU!
We deeply appreciate all additional donations, made on the registration form, or separately here:

Thank you!

These events will be photographed.

By entering these events, you consent to be photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded for use in any and all media created and distributed by the EDCJCC.

If you are a parent or guardian of a minor, by entering, you are also consenting on the minor’s behalf to the above stipulation.

Questions? Contact GLOE Director, Josef Palermo:

Check out GLOE's full line-up of Pride events!


What time do I have to be there? 



Time: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM

We're sorry, the deadline for online sales has passed. Contact program staff listed above to purchase by phone.


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