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Your response has been overwhelming! So many of you loved these shirts, buttons, stickers, and more, at Pride, and wanted them for your friends (or, your friends already swiped yours and you need another), so we've made them available online.

Whether you're a nice Jewish girl/queer/boy yourself, or one of our fabulous "bagel chasers," we're happy to help you out.

I love nice Jewish boys - Shane Cusumano

Thank you!

Your support helps GLOE, as the only full-time LGBTQ program at any Jewish Community Center anywhere, create LGBTQ Jewish community here in DC and around the country.

GLOE hosts more than 40 events and programs each year; and provides inclusion resources for other Jewish community organizations everywhere.

More than 50% of our budget comes from individual donors like you! Thank you for your purchase, which helps us keep over half our programs each year totally FREE and accessible to our community.  

Learn more at dcjcc.org/gloe.


T-Shirts - $18 I love nice Jewish t-shirts

Text Options:
I (Heart) Nice Jewish Girls
I (Heart) Nice Jewish Boys
I (Heart) Nice Jewish Queers

These t-shirts are the super-soft type!, in the slightly more fitted style, but still a "unisex" cut.

(They are not the big, boxy kind, but also not too fitted. Size down if you want it tighter.)
(Adult size chart) (Youth size chart)

All the colors of the rainbow! GLOE at Pride Parade 14 - Tzvi (c)Davidtoc
The shirts are lightly heathered, and in strong rainbow colors: red, light orange, gold, green, blue, purple. (The gold is not heathered.)

Youth: small. 
Adult: small, medium, large, x-large, 2x-large.

SOLD OUT of the one you want?
Sorry! We love how much you love 'em, and yes, many have sold out. We hope you'll try another fun option. Thanks.

Buttons GLOE LGBTQ Jewish buttons pins
2 for $1
Full Set of 7 for $3

Announce your fabulousness to the world. C'mon, grab a bunch - you know you want to.

Buttons are 1.5" round, with a regular pin latch back.

+ Shalom, Felicia (what's all this Felicia stuff?)
+ Kvelling (get it? bursting with Pride?)
+ 100% Kosher Beef
+ Nice Tuches (Nice tush)
+ Chai, queers (as in, Heeeey, queers!)
bagel chaser (for those fans and friends of Jews... and/or bagels)

+ I shvitz glitter (SOLD OUT! - Getting the set? For your 7th button, just let us know which other button you'd like another one of!)

Jewish rainbow Pride flag

Jewish Rainbow Pride Flags - $36

Show your Jewish and LGBTQ pride with the rainbow Pride flag, emblazoned with a blue Jewish star of David, on both sides.

Get it for your home, or give one to your local congregation or to your Jewish organization!

The flag is 2' x 3', and polyester silk screen. It's suitable for outdoor use. (Our own flag flew outside the DCJCC through major wind and rain and sun, and still looks new!)

There are grommets on the top and bottom of the left side for easy hanging.

I love nice jewish stickers

Stickers - 3 for $1

Grab a 3-pack of stickers to proclaim your love of nice Jewish boys, girls, or queers!

We're also big fans of intersectionality, and our "Queerish" sticker puts those two identities front and center, in a Hebraic-style font.

"I (heart) nice Jewish" stickers - size: 2x2"
"QUEERISH" stickers - size: 2x3"

"KISS ME, I'M KOSHER" lip balm - $1
GLOE's Kiss Me, I'm Kosher lip balm

Protect that pucker of yours with this lip balm that people love, and we keep having to reorder!

It's good stuff, it's got SPF 15, and it comes in 4 flavors (which are all actually delicious) :

+ Spearmint
+ Vanilla
+ Citrus
+ Watermelon

(Note: The lip balms are NOT actually
hechshered/marked kosher, though there are no non-kosher ingredients.)

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Questions? Email us: gloe@edcjcc.org

GLOE at Capital Pride Parade '14 (c)Tim Evanson

Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
1529 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

If you'd like to attend this event you can purchase tickets online.

(ticket purchase required)
(ticket purchase required)

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