Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC

GLOE's You Had Me at Shalom: LGBT Jewish Speed Dating
Palomar Washington DC, a Kimpton Hotel

Thank you for making You Had Me at Shalom such a huge success!
Matching takes a few days
- we want to make sure we've got it right!
We'll send your matches (and contact silent auction winners) on Thursday, Feb 9.

GLOE is thrilled to present

Speed Dating

Saturday, February 4 | 7:30 pm
Palomar Washington DC, a Kimpton Hotel
Dupont Circle
2121 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

Advance Registration Required (for Date Matching)!
Deadline: January 29 - noon*

Registration is now closed!
If you would like to attend as a fill-in, or simply to schmooze and enjoy the entertainment please email:! 

21+ event


Schmoozing, sweets and all the romance you can fit into a 6-minute date!

Find love (or just some fun) at this special fundraiser for GLOE! Tell our crack team of romance mavens what you’re looking for, and you’ll be hand-matched in advance with some fabulous LGBT Jews.
Silvia Sparklestein
Get your tickets before this event sells out again, or you’ll miss our drag yenta emcee, Silvia Sparklestein, incredible door prizes and silent auction items from our sponsors, and maybe even the love of your life!

(Want to know more? See our Frequently Asked Questions below.)

Fundraiser Tickets: $36 / $24 discounted (member, senior, under 25, limited income)

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For more information, contact the GLOE Director, Halley Cohen:
(202) 777-3253

Find out more about GLOE at!

*Registration is now closed!
If you would like to attend as a fill-in, or simply to schmooze and enjoy the entertainment please email:! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to register in advance?
A: This isn't just random speed dating; you're getting hand matched based on your preferences! Your registration will include a number of questions so you can tell us some basics about who you are looking for. Advance registration enables us to complete the date-matching before the actual event. It also helps us to honor your requests not to be matched with specific people. Please note, however, we are not professional matchmakers and so we'll have to leave a lot of the specifics (how often do they work out, favorite foods, strongest areas in trivia contests, etc.) up to you to find out on your dates!

Q: Do you expect the event to sell out?
A: Yes! It sold out last time, and you've all been asking when we're doing it again, in the three years since. If it hasn't sold out by the matchmaking registration deadline (January 28), we'll will do our best to accommodate latecomers, but we do not make any guarantees about how many matches you will get.

Q: How many dates will I get?
A: You will get six-to-eight dates, getting hand-matched based on the preferences you tell us in your registration. The bonus question, gives us a little more information about you to help us match - because sometimes a surprise is great for chatting with someone you wouldn't normally meet.

Q: What else does the ticket get me?
A: In addition to your dates, you'll get delicious desserts and one drink ticket for the cash bar (coffee, tea and soft drinks are complimentary), the entertainment of our drag yenta emcee, plus Schmooze Time to socialize with others who catch your eye! You'll also be supporting GLOE's vital work for LGBT Jews and our friends. Thank you!

Q: What about kashrut at this event?
A: Any kashrut (kosher) questions for this event can be answered by Halley Cohen: 202-777-3253 or

Q: How long is each date?
A: Each date is six minutes. If you wish to continue socializing with someone after your date, you will have ample opportunity to do so during the Schmooze Times! (And if you don't want to keep talking, use the Schmooze Time to meet new people!)

Q: Ages? Will I be too young? Too old?
A: We have a wide range of ages of daters! No, you are not too old or too young! Yes, there will be people for you to be matched with. Based on those who attended this event last time, recent inquiries, and current registrations, we expect most of our daters to range from mid-20s through mid-60s - with pretty even distribution of ages, though obviously most people will fall somewhere in the vast middle. All are welcome (21+). On your registration, you will indicate your age and the age range of those with whom you'd like to be matched.

Q: Do couples actually meet?
A: Yes! Many participants went out on not-so-speedy dates after the last You Had Me at Shalom. People also established friendships with those they met, leading to meeting other new folks. You could be next!

Q: Can I say who I don't want to be matched with?
A: We know people sometimes register with a friend, or have exes in the DC area.You can give us the names of up to three specific people who you do not want to be matched with. (But please feel free to leave this question blank if you can be open-minded!)

Q: How should I dress?
A: Most people dress as they would for a first date. The general rule is to dress however you feel best. Wear what feels comfortable to you, clothing in which you feel confident and relaxed enough to express the real you!

Q: What are the main dating categories?
A: The two dating categories are "Men / Male-Identified Seeking Same," and "Women / Woman-Identified Seeking Same."

Q: Aren't those categories a little binary and totally miss the range of interests, attractions and identities in our community?
A: Yes, we agree, but we need to match you somehow. We leave it up to you to tell us who you'd like to be matched with.

Q: What if I see someone with whom I'm not matched for a date but whom would like to meet?
A: There's a space on your Date Card for people who "Caught Your Eye." If you write someone's name and Quick Dates number (visible on name tags provided) on the card, we'll provide that person with your contact information. Couples have met this way as well! There will also be Schmooze Time, during which you are free to meet and greet that delectable person you've had your eye on.

Q: Are there any requirements to attend You Had Me at Shalom?
A: The only requirements are that you be 21+, available/single, and identify as Jewish (or Non-Jewish/Jewish-in-spirit). This event is intended for single LGBT Jews who are interested in meeting other eligible LGBT Jews.

Q: Can I come if I'm not Jewish?
A: Yes, just check the Non-Jewish/Jewish-in-spirit box on the questionnaire. Others will have the option of saying whether or not they are open to dating non-Jews/Jews-in-spirit.

Q: I'm not religious at all and/or not particularly involved in the Jewish community. (Or, I deeply identify as religious.) Will I feel comfortable?
A: You Had Me at Shalom brings together LGBT Jews from many backgrounds, religious affiliations, and walks of life. Past participants have identified as secular, Renewal, Reconstructionist, Orthodox, Chasidic, Conservative, Reform, atheist, traditional egalitarian, chavurah, unaffiliated, non-religious, post-denominational, and "Just Jewish." We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants throughout the religious spectrum. Come join us!

Q: I identify as bisexual, transgender, pansexual, genderqueer, transsexual, intersex, or two-spirit. Is there a place for me?
A: Yes! We welcome single Jews (and Jews-in-spirit) of all gender and sexual identities to participate.

Q: I am partnered, married, in a committed relationship, not interested in dating now, or I am a straight ally. Can I attend You Had Me at Shalom?
A: Yes! We need about 20 volunteers who fall into the above categories. (Straight volunteers have even met and dated after meeting at Quick Dates in Boston!) It's one of the hip, happening places for Jewish allies to be on February 4th. Email

Q: What about the hotel? Where is it? Is there parking?
A: All information about the beautiful Palomar Washington DC, a Kimpton Hotel, located in Dupont Circle, can be found on their website. Day parking for hotel visitors is $19 and is first-come, first-served.

Q: How do you know how to do all this?
A: We thank Keshet, the folks who pioneered the original Jewish queer speed-dating, and provided their model and advice the first time we ran this event. Plus, we are thrilled to have the LGBT matchmaking expertise from Mixology this time around!


For more information, contact the GLOE Director, Halley Cohen:
(202) 777-3253

We will do our best to accommodate latecomers, but we do not make any guarantees

Time: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM
2121 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

We're sorry, the deadline for online sales has passed. Contact program staff listed above to purchase by phone.