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Special Briefing from The Agudah: Israel's National LGBT Task Force
Washington DCJCC - Library

The Embassy of Israel; The J's Dialogues & Public Affairs Series, and GLOE - Kurlander Program for GLBT Outreach & Engagement; the American Jewish Committee, One in Ten, and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington are proud to present:

Minority Report: Diversity, Identity, Ethnicity and Gender in LGBTQ Israel
Special Briefing by the Aguda, the National Israeli LGBTQ Task Force

Michael Hamel: Chairman of the National Board
Anat Avissar: Foreign Relations Director

Agudah National Israeli LGBTQ Task ForceThursday, November 10, 2011
7:00 pm | DCJCC Library

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Join us for this special DC briefing from leaders of the Aguda, the National Israeli LGBTQ task force. Michael Hamel and Anat Avissar will brief us on the J14 social justice movement in Israel, and how it involves the LGBTQ community.

Michael and Anat will speak about current actions for LGBTQ rights in Israel, related to the J14 movement, which began on July 14 as a housing protest and has developed into this wave of broad social justice demonstrations, some of the largest in Israel's history and involving hundreds of thousand of people.

They will also address the Aguda's impact on government and policy, and their experience serving the LGBTQ population in Israel - including those seeking refuge from elsewhere in the Middle East.

About the Aguda
The Aguda, the national Israeli LGBTQ association, is the pioneering LGBTQ organization in Israel. Established 35 years ago as the Society for Protection of Personal Rights, The Aguda has been a leading force in moving the social justice agenda in Israel, promoting the civil right of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, and advocating for recognition and acceptance of the LGBTQ community as an integral part of Israeli society. In 2009, the Aguda's Bar Noar youth sanctuary experienced a tragic shooting, in which two teenagers were murdered and scores injured. As a reaction to this tragedy, the Aguda has doubled their efforts to strengthen the LGBTQ community, and Israeli society at large.


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The DCJCC's Dialogues & Public Affairs Series, and GLOE - Kurlander Program for GLBT Outreach & Engagement

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Michael Hamel (Chairman of the National Board) has been chairman of the Aguda since 2004. An IT professional, he took it upon himself to turn Israel’s first LGBT organization into a modern and efficient volunteer-based institution. Mike was born in Tel Aviv to Holocaust-survivor parents. He served in the Israel Defense Forces as a medic and ran the medical unit of an armored battalion in the Golan Heights. Mike believes in the synergy of political and human rights work on behalf of the LGBT community, combined with grassroots involvement and support of individuals in need. This is his guiding methodology in reviving the Aguda – leading it to become the cornerstone of the LGBT community throughout Israel.

Anat Avissar (Foreign Relations Director) is a copywriter and creative director, who has worked with NGO’s for the past five years. Anat was the acting director of Beit Hasofer Jerusalem and the editor of the successful Hebrew poetry website “Zuta”. She worked with the Jerusalem Foundation as the Vice President’s assistant to the U.S.A. desk through March, 2011. Anat writes the only lesbian column in Israel which appears in YNET, the web edition of Yediot Achronot, Israel’s most widely circulated daily newspaper.



Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
1529 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

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