Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC

VIRTUAL PARENT WORKSHOP: Taming Worry: Understanding and Managing Your Child's Anxiety During Covid-19

Thursday, July 23, 2020
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Edlavitch DCJCC

Taming Worry: Understanding and Managing Your Child's Anxiety During Covid-19
$10 (or free if cost is a barrier to participation)

Led by Dr. Lauren Siegel and Dr. Ann Rowe of the Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group 

Taming WorryAnxious feelings can be an adaptive reaction to unexpected changes that alert us to danger and focus our attention. However, with the many unknowns associated with the pandemic, elevated stress reactions are common in both children and adults and anxiety can become overwhelming. Join Dr. Lauren Siegel and Dr. Ann Rowe of the Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group to learn more about strategies to improve coping with uncertainty, different manifestations of anxiety for children at different developmental stages, and red flags that indicate more serious concerns about an anxiety disorder. 

Dr. Ann Rowe is an expert on the neuropsychological assessment of twice exceptional children and teens, and she has taught twice exceptional students using project-based learning. She is author of the book, Creating Effective Programs for Gifted Students With Learning Disabilities. Dr. Rowe has presented at the National Association for Gifted Children, SENG, and the Maryland State Conference on Gifted and Talented Education

Dr. Lauren Siegel is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in psychotherapy and diagnostic testing for children and adolescents with learning and behavior challenges. She has worked in both school and outpatient settings, and is passionate about validating the experiences of kids and empowering them to understand and advocate for themselves. She believes that taking the whole of a child into consideration – home environment, school and academic functioning, relationships, and interests – uncovers rich and nuanced information that promotes future success.

The Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group is a non-profit group of clinicians and educators dedicated to removing barriers and unlocking potential for families with learning and behavior challenges. Through neuropsychological testing, psychotherapy, and other services, we help families gain access to the support they need to succeed at school, work, or home. Our comprehensive evaluation and treatment services are tailored to each individual. We take the time and effort to uncover each person’s strengths and challenges.


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