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Theater J: The Admission
Aaron & Cecile Goldman Theater, Washington DCJCC


March 20 - April 6, 2014

Voices From A Changing Middle East Festival

A Workshop Presentation
Produced in collaboration with the Cameri Theatre and the Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa

By Motti Lerner
Directed by Sinai Peter

Featuring Leila Buck, Hanna Eady, Danny Gavigan, Elizabeth Jernigan, Kimberly Schraf and Michael Tolaydo and Pomme Koch

An Israeli homage to All My Sons set in Haifa during the first Intifada. Giora is a young professor engaged to Neta but in love with Samia, the Palestinian daughter of a family friend who becomes troubled when Giora's father's company begins building on the site of a battle that took place 40 years ago. Giora struggles to find the truth about his father's war-time secrets, confronting the causes of his brother's death and how Giora came to incur his own war-time injuries in Lebanon. As Giora's family presses him to look forward, not back, the play asks how we can move forward toward peace while still wrestling with the ghosts of war.

From the author of Pangs of the Messiah and the winner of the Prime Minister of Israel Award for Writers, and staged by a groundbreaking team of Israeli, Arab, Jewish-American and Arab-American artists, including Theater J's director of Return to Haifa, with designers from the Israeli premiere.
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