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Literary Festival - Ursula Hegi, Children and Fire
Washington DCJCC

Ursula Hegi
Children and Fire

Saturday, October 29
| 8:00 pm | $10, Discounted $8

Ursula HegiChildren and FireLike her bestseller Stones from the River, Hegi’s newest novel is set in the fictional town of Burgdorf, Germany in the early days of the Third Reich. Hegi illuminates the beginnings of the iron fist of Nazism over Germany and its people, examining how one joyful and gifted teacher can become seduced by propaganda and encourage her 10-year-old students to join Hitler Youth.

Ursula Hegi is the author of numerous books, including The Vision of Emma Blau, Floating in My Mother’s Palm, Stones from the River, and Tearing the Silence: On Being German in America.

“This novel is a lyrically written, emotionally powerful portrayal of a brilliant teacher battling the tragic effects of one man’s hubris that shattered not only a town but the entire world." -Library Journal

Sponsor: Susan Bykofsky
Co-sponsors: German Embassy, Goethe-Institut


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Time: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
1529 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

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