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Global LGBT Asylum in Israel
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GLOE - GLBT Outreach & Engagement, and the J’s Dialogues and Public Affairs series are proud to present

Global LGBT Asylum in Israel

HandsTuesday, October 4, 2011
7:30 pm | Community Hall

Tickets: $8, discounted $5
FREE for students with ID

Israelis don’t face the same widespread gender- and sexuality-based persecution found throughout much of the Middle East. The Organization for Refuge Asylum & Migration (ORAM) advocates for refugees fleeing this violence, and helps them get resettled through legal representation and advocacy work.

ORAM founder and Executive Director Neil Grungras and Director of Advocacy Rachel Levitan will discuss the current situation’s many challenges and opportunities for those seeking asylum in Israel. Join us for an overview of the complex and hidden challenges facing refugees in Israel who are fleeing persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender.

From these experts, we'll learn about the social, geopolitical and demographic issues involved and what is being done to help LGBT refugees in the region. Their work in Israel includes free legal counseling and assistance connected to Refugee Rights Clinic at Tel Aviv University, and representation at UNHCR proceedings. They also work to get LGBT refugee issues into broader conversations about human rights with governments, NGOs and communities, helping to educate decision-makers and the general population.

ORAMWe'll hear about the various laws that complicate the situation in Israel, depending on whether a refugee is from elsewhere in the Middle East or is a Palestinian refugee fleeing sexuality-based violence. Also, they will talk about how the laws regarding gender-based persecution make those refugees harder to assist, both in Israel and around the world. Finally, we'll hear ways that people can get involved.

Followed by an extended Q&A period.

We look forward to an enlightening and challenging evening with people who are making a difference in Israel for the global LGBT community!

Questions? Contact Halley Cohen at 202-777-3253 or


ORAM is the leading non-governmental organization worldwide advocating for persons escaping persecution based on sexual orientation and gender identity, with projects in the U.S., Israel and Turkey. A long-time expert in Israeli refugee matters, Neil Grungras was one of the founders of Israel’s current refugee support system. Rachel Levitan has directed and implemented refugee representation systems for LGBTI and gender-based refugees for over eight years.

Time: 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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