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Film: City of Borders
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Film: City of BordersCITY OF BORDERS
Sunday, October 18, 12 Noon

Winner of Special Teddy (Audience) Award at Berlin International Film Festival

In the heart of Jerusalem there stands an unusual symbol of unity that defies generations of segregation, violence and prejudice: a gay bar called Shushan. Among Shushan’s regulars are a Jewish Israeli doctor and a Muslim Palestinian named Boody, whose drag queen persona isn’t quite respected in the West Bank. The film goes inside this underground sanctuary where people of opposing nationalities, religions and sexual orientations create an island of peace in a land divided by war.
USA 2009, video, documentary, 66 minutes. Director: Yun SuhO-LMD-GLOE

Presented in conjunction with Reel Affirmations Film Festival and GLOE


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Time: 12:00 PM
1529 16th St
Washington, DC 20036

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