Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC

Team Captains - D25 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Edlavitch DCJCC

Team Captains are the backbone of our December 25th Day of Service and ensure the success of every volunteer project. Thank you for taking on this leadership role!

Before proceeding to a list of projects, which you will find after clicking on the "Sign Me Up" button, please review the following information about serving as a Team Captain.

What is a D25 Team Captain?

A Team Captain is a volunteer who takes on a few additional leadership responsibilities for their project site. Every project site needs a Team Captain so we would love your help! 

What are each Team Captain’s responsibilities?

The Team Captain’s responsibilities are as follows:

1. Communicate with volunteer team: the Team Captain will receive all site-related information from the JCC, including the timing of the project, the address, the day-of contact person at the service site, contact info for the volunteers and all details regarding the volunteer activity. The Team Captain must communicate all relevant information to his/her volunteer team a minimum of a week prior to D25. Most importantly, the Team Captain must decide and let his/her volunteer team know what time they will all meet at the JCC to travel to their project site together.

2. Answer questions: as the point person for his/her volunteer site, the Team Captain will need to answer any questions that his/her volunteer team members may have regarding the site and the volunteer project. 

3. Check in with project site: the Team Captain must check in with the project site at least once, a minimum of a week ahead of D25. The Team Captain should provide the project site his/her contact information as the day-of contact from the JCC. Contacting the project site ensures that the Team Captain understands the project, knows exactly where and when his/her group needs to be,  and other details as needed. 

4. Coordinate pick up of materials: the JCC provides many of the D25 sites with gifts for clients, song books, games, treats, party decorations, or other materials. These materials are prepared and stored at the JCC and available for pick-up on December 25th. The Team Captain is responsible for making sure all materials necessary for the volunteer site make it over on December 25th, whether the Team Captain has a car or not. 

5. Represent the Edlavitch DCJCC: all Team Captains serve in a leadership role on behalf of the JCC and represent the organization to other volunteers, volunteer project staff, and clients. 

Who can be a Team Captain? 

Anyone over the age of 18 can be a Team Captain.

Do I get to choose my volunteer site?

Yes! All volunteer sites are first-come, first-served so sign up early to get the site you want.

Can my family come with me to volunteer on D25?

Yes! Absolutely. All family members must register for the project, however, since many sites are strict about the number of volunteers they will take. 

Do I have to have a car to be a Team Captain?

No, but some of our D25 sites are not metro-accessible. You will need to coordinate with your volunteer team to make sure someone with a car is able to pick up all supplies from the JCC before your project on December 25th if you cannot do it yourself. 

Can I be a Team Captain if I’ve never volunteered for D25 before?

Yes, absolutely!

What if I have questions or am confused about details regarding my project site?

Sonya Weisburd, who coordinates all aspects of D25, is available via phone or email to answer your questions at all times. You can reach her at or 202-777-3269.

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